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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The countdown begins!

     So last year around this time I started my spring summer training.  Getting to the gym more, eating better and snacking less.  I was on track till the poison ivy hit!  So this year starting April going to July I am trying to up my production of being healthy!  Since I was little I always tried to eat right, exercise and stay in shape.  It's been a level battle, mainly staying at a good size but over the past few years I have started working out more and more intense and cut down on eating unhealthy.  I have cut out soda for years now, fast food down to a few times every Quarter and well ice cream and cookies, well I'm not perfect.  Usually for lunch I will have a veggie, healthy snack and a sandwich.  Over the next few months what I plan on doing differently is just this simple...

     1) Cut out the cravings, things like sweets and dips at parties and events. 
     2) Eat more whole grains, fruits and veggies.  I eat a lot of fish but now plan on eating more.     Eating lighter meals and whole grain breads.  I try to eat veggies a few times a week so I will    continue that.  Eating them on the weekends is something I will try to do as well.

     3) Work out more and harder.  I plan to work out to a more intense level and not just work out at a comfortable one.  Working out almost every day and working my core more as well.  Lifting is one thing but getting your core and stomach in shape is one of the hardest to do. 

     4) Eat better if I do go out.  I think one of the biggest is if I go out I will start getting more grilled items not fried.  Also taking half my meal home so I don't eat it all.

     5)  Eating throughout the day.  I never really got into the shift eating but I try not to snack and break apart my meal so I'm eating smaller items every few items.

     I will have a few more but mainly just upping my working on my core.  I have been eating healthy my whole life with a cheat day here and there.  However I plan on working my core and doing more running, and walking as it gets warmer!  Finally...  I am excited about the next few months, they say 3 months is a great time to get from in shape to a very good standing.  I guess I'm just sick of working out to keep at a good setting.  I feel I work out just to work off the food or laying around I may have done this winter.  Going to the next level and lifting harder and exercising more will get me over that hill I feel I'm on.

     I hope everyone is ready for spring and getting some exercise of their own!  I will check in with you mid June to see how things are going!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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