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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Don't get fooled!


 Remember tomorrow is April Fools day so look out!  I think I've been pretty good at not getting fooled except one year.  One year in college my parents came in my room and my Dad told me there was a big wind storm last night and a branch fell on my car.  Now I did park by a tree so I actually believed him!  I jumped outta bed and ran to my window to only see everything was okay.  They yelled April Fools!  I was pissed and laughed at the same time.  They got me, I admit it.

     Never being a big fan of April Fools I know the tradition is something others do love, just a tip try not to get fooled!  In return, try not scare your loved ones by fooling them on the following...

Deaths, Breakups, Pregnancies, Job Loss or something along those lines, and if you feel you can make sure to yell April Fools right away... The tradition starts today so have some fun and remember a joke is a joke unless it goes to far...

     Always remember,
You are never alone...  And that is no April Fools Joke...


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