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Monday, April 7, 2014

The weekend update!

     Here we are again, Monday.  This weekend was very eventful!  Saturday we took Quinn to the Sandbox.  The indoor gym she has been going to for a long time and just loves.  She had such a good time and now that she is older it's easier to let her go around and be more independent.  I wanted as she explored and did things on her own.  There are all kinds of jumping slides and even smaller toys kids there can play with.  Later that day we did some smaller chores and got ready for the house to be painted.  I can't wait to blog and show you some of the work we have been up to!

     We had some dinner and just relaxed, it has been getting warmer out but not enough to be out to long.  The next day we got up and had some breakfast, my parents took Quinn to church while Kayla and I worked on the house.  It was a great time for the grandparents to get some quality time.  The came over early that afternoon and Quinn and Kay and I went to the park.  Quinn was so excited to get back outside and just have time to run around.  We stayed as long as we could but there was a breeze so we had to keep it shorter only because the weather is nicer but it is still cool out.

     I was nice to sit outside and feel the sun after months of being stuck inside.  This winter appeared to never end.  With some time to play and a small nap we had some dinner and then off to her Mom's.  Quinn had such a great weekend and sometimes doesn't want to leave.  Maybe this summer I will talk with her Mom about keeping her longer or even overnight.

     Quinn is going on Spring Break soon with her Mom so this Wednesday will be the last time I see her for a little while. 

     I hope you enjoy the pics!

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