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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Quinn's Play!

     Last Thursday we headed to Quinn's after school for a potluck dinner and a play!  Quinns after school program put on Dr. Susses The Lorax, it was so cute.  We arrived and everyone had a dish to pass and ate dinner.  The room was small so some of us waited in the hall but i got to sneak in to see Quinn eat.  After we all headed down to see Quinn perform.  The kids did such a great job!  Quinn was a Brown Barbaloot.  The kids did such a great job and had lots of lines to learn.  The play had 4 acts and each one was about 15 or so minutes.

     If you ever saw the movie you would know how cute it was.  The kids did such a great job and I am currently getting pictures uploaded and will share those this week!  It was nice and a new step because both sides of Quinns family was there, my family and her Mom's.  I has been a while since we have all come together for Quinn like this and it was good.  Getting together after a divorce or break up for a child isn't easy.  You come together for the child and everyone did talk and that's how it is.  It takes time and each time will get easier.  For my single parents out there I just will say take your time and be friendly.  I know it isn't easy seeing your ex and their family because you were together and now your not or with new people but it just takes time.  I was with my Kayla, my parents and my Aunt and Quinns mom came with her Mother and her new boyfriend and we all talked and it was fine.  Like I said, it just takes time.

     After dinner we headed back and had dessert.  We had some dessert and just hung out for a little more and said our goodbyes.  Quinn headed off to Florida this week because it is her spring break!  I said a an extra special goodbye and we headed out.  The night went great and now with Quinn in Florida I just put my mind on other things like I have before.

     I will update you with pics from the Play!

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