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Friday, April 25, 2014

Working on some upgrading!

      A few weeks ago before Quinn went to Florida for Spring Break we did some painting!  Since I moved in I haven't had the chance to really paint any rooms.  The house is painted in an off white and we decided it needed some color!  Kayla and I looked around for a while thinking about what to paint and what colors to look at.  We finally decided on a lighter brown and a mid dark green.  The dinning room we did faint maple and the living room was rattan paln.

     We got the house together and moved everything the few nights before and our house was a mess!  We even looked at having it done for us but Sunday we got up and just did it!  The walls had some small surface cracks so we needed to fix those as well.  Kayla and I started in the dining room and just did worked and worked.  I did the trim as she painted.  It took a while to use the edger but I got the hang of it.  My parents came over after a while and helped out.  When dinner time came we were already on the living room.  We had to take some small breaks to have dinner and get Quinn outside to play and back to her Mom's.  One thing we found was the paint we used.  We used Valspar for the dining room and we found it went on great.  We used Olympic for the living room, this was because the color didn't come in Valspar and Lowe's couldn't color match.  The Valspar did go on easier and we found it just was a better paint.  I only used an outside paint to paint the porch and that was Valspar.  I really was sad that Olympic didn't do as good a job.  The room looks great we just had to fix a few spots and paint a few areas twice.

     We also had to patch and then let dry the cracks and small holes in the walls.  After that we had to sand and then clean the walls before we painted.  The whole process was very long and by the time we were done it was late Sunday and we were so tired.  We did both rooms and fixed some areas all in one day!  The next few days Kayla fixed some spots and painted the median white.  Between both rooms there is an arch with about 2 or 3 inches, she painted that white and it looks so good.  After we got it all settled we found a few things we will have to fix, a few spots that need to be fixed but we are so happy.  For the first time in a long time the house has color and it looks so amazing!  Paint can do so much I can't believe how much a little paint can do!  We even had Quinn help paint, she was so excited to help us out!

     So in the long run we saved a lot of money doing it our selves and have a good story to tell!  We are glad we started in the dining room.  There are a few drips and small things we may sand and repaint, but maybe not.  All in all we learned and you know what, had fun.  Painting together is a good test and we both passed, we got along, joked and made it without fighting or getting upset.

     As a tip I would do a few things.  First buy good paint!  Do not get cheap paint, go to a place that sells good paint.  Spend money on good brushes as well!  The edger we got worked great, however we started off not brushing after so some areas have like a long paint line where it got thick.  So be smart and watch that.  Also just go slow and take your time, tape off areas you can and use a steady hand if you have one.  Also when it's done, touch up what you want and don't go overboard.  Remember life isn't perfect so sometimes paint job's aren't either.  I do recommend you get painting, it makes such a difference!

 Always Remember,
You are never alone...
Love Christopher

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