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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trying to not think about the things your don't see

     Last night when we were walking around I noticed Quinn had a lot of friends and her Mom knew a lot of people as well.  As she showed us her work I tried to not think about how much I don't see her and focus on the fact that I'm her Dad.

    It is hard being a single parent that see's his daughter only a few times a week if that.  Walking through the halls last night seeing lots of kids who get to see their parents more makes you sad but if it's anything I have learned it's just to keep pushing forward.  I remember it's not the quantity its the quality.  When I have Quinn sometimes I feel the weekends are fast and it isn't fair but as she grows up she may want to see me more and it gets easier.  Just remember as single parents to not give up, no matter how hard it gets.  Last night I saw things finally I didn't know about at all but we have to roll with the punches and not turn into them. 

     For any new single parents reading this my advise is simple, just keep your cool no matter how hard it maybe.  Take the time you have with your child and show them how much they mean to you.  Have fun with them, raise them the best you can.  That's all we can do in life.  It can be overwhelming to see how fast your child is growing up and the work they do at school when you only see them a few times. 

     If you stay positive and loving your child will do the rest.  We as humans will always love our parents.  It takes a lot to have a child not want anything to do with them.  So if you show your love and support as much as you can when you have them they will understand and love you and not let anything get in the way.  My advise it is to just be there, be a Dad/Mom.  Take pictures, read to your child, say your prayers with them and just sit with them.  Listen to music and rock with them.  Sometimes your closeness and beating hearts bonds you more than anything else.

     So even though you don't see everything keep up the faith, keep the love and just know you will have your days and they will be special...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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