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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Makeing the most of your time

     The past few post I have talked about Easter and how I didn't see Quinn for that long.  It sucks, she was with her mother the entire week in Florida and I only had her from the morning till around dinner time.  I got to take her to Church and then home for lunch with the family but as we were home cleaning and Quinn was hanging out with us I will admit it was hard.  I wasn't in the best mood at first because it didn't feel fair that I just spent over a week with out her and now I can't even have her overnight.  Kay told me to enjoy the time we have with her and even though it doesn't seem fair to just make the best of it. 

     After a few minutes of being upset I sat with Quinn and enjoyed some quality Daddy Daughter time.  We spent the afternoon having fun with family and I ended up bringing her back to her Mom's that night.  It's hard because once Quinn get's settled she doesn't want to go.  I know as she get's older she will be able to make more decisions on staying with either of us later or not.  It was funny because on the way home we were talking and Quinn said when she gets older she can drive to my house then back to her Mom's and so on.  I laughed because she is such a planner and when we are together she tries to set the stage and tell me how things will go.  I listen and see if what she brings up is logical or not. 

     The nice thing was that I did ask for more time on Sunday and her Mom agreed so that is a good thing.  How ever still being on the shorter side of seeing your child is one thing, when your ex doesn't want you to have her say overnights or days that aren't yours just to be nice is another.  Some days I can't wait for her to just grow up and have some freedom, however most I am just fine with her being my little girl.  I just go day by day and pick the battles I can.  We have a lot ahead of us and the best thing I can do is just wait and see.  Love her and hold her, show her that I am there and the rest will take care of it's self.

     So my tip is to just relax and be patient.  If you can before your paperwork is signed go over it and make sure you understand what it is you are signing.  Or like my Dad always said, you have to sleep in the bed you make.  As for being on the short end of the stick, just be calm and show your child you love them.  Think about going back to court after three years you are allowed to look over the paperwork.  Mainly just enjoy your child with the time they have. 

   Very important, a child will always love their parents unless they give the child a very big reason not to.  They will also see injustice if they feel on parent is being treated that way.  So I always say share and love your child together because if you don't the child will only see this and maybe one day spend more time with the other parent because the feel they upset they didn't get to.

Always remember,

You are never alone...


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