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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Get them on a good eating path from the start

     I have always tried to watch what Quinn ate, I know kids don't love Veggies but I put some on her plate at our meals.  Even if it is corn.  Over the past few years since Quinn has had two house holds it is up to her Mom and I to keep her eating on a good path.  Lately I wonder what is going on over there.  Quinn is getting larger for her size and seems always hungry.  I giver her typical meals like eggs for breakfast, something like a sandwich for lunch and whatever we maybe eating for dinner.  I also try to keep her moving and making sure she gets lots of outdoor time.  It was a cold winter so I will admit we stayed in a lot.

     Over the past year or so I just wondered what she is fed at her Mom's and how much she eats.  She always wants to eat, non stop.  I know her Mother is feeding her good food I wonder how much.  Before Quinn's vacation we had her Play.  I told you it was a potluck dinner and everyone brought things in.  She at a good meal and then after the play was over we headed in for dessert.  She had a few things but then sat down and continued to eat the Mac & Cheese that was left over in the dish her Mom brought.  Now typically picking after dinner is something we all do but I couldn't help but want to stop her.  There was a lot of people and discipline gets gray when were both with her and this and that....  So I just observed.  I honestly thought her Mom would stop her and tell her that's enough but she let her keep eating.  After a good sized dinner and dessert you have to stop or you could get sick, and you can make your stomach larger.  This will make you always hungry.  As we walked out there was Qinn with her cup of Mac and Cheese, she continued to keep eating.  Finally she gave it to me and advised she was full. 

     I get nervous because I wonder if she eats a lot and is just bored or has a big stomach.  People say kids grow but honestly we put her in pants sizes up to fit her.  Now I'm not posting to say my child is getting big, just that there are things we as parents have to do.

     1)  Watch what your child eats, limit snacks that are sweet to a few times or a special occasion.  Let them know treats happen a few times here and there, that's what makes them special.

     2)  Watch how much they eat.  Remember 3 meals a day and a snack or two is fine.  Limit their consumption and try to fill them with things like fruit that are good for them as well as filling. 

     3)  Try to get them to eat new things, chicken nuggets shouldn't be every dinner!

     4)  Introduce vegetables and other healthy foods to them.  I know they may not like them but one day it will be easier to eat them. 

     5)  After meals and snacks have cut offs.  If your child is still hungry and you feel you feed them enough, advise them their next meal will come and give them a time.  Go outside and play, distract them from wanting food.

     Remember kids are just small versions of us!  Child and Adult Obesity is here and it is a serious matter.  Keep your kids healthy and active and you will stay active as well.  Now I didn't write this post because I think Quinn eats to much or is getting bigger.  I wanted to let you all know that weight can sneak up on us and that taking time to look for good healthy choices is the right thing to do.  Be proactive and make homemade meals with healthy sides and fun desserts that are better for your child and your self.  It will pay off in the end!

     As for Quinn, well she's doing fine and we keep her active.  Now that summer is here I plan on getting her outside and running around more.  She will make good choices because her family does.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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