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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Start to get outside!

     This past weekend it was 80 degrees outside!  Almost all the snow is melted and spring is starting to fight through.  Now grated we have some colder weather heading out way but that is just April for ya.  My tip this week is to get outside!  This past weekend I took some time to get some sun as we helped my parents move some woodchips after a tree was removed.  It was nice out and a good change to get some much needed sun on my winter pale back!  Even though I wasn't in the sun long it still felt good to warm up and get maybe almost a little bid of color.  (Even if Kayla says I didn't get any). 

   Sunday we took a long walk and headed down to the lake, we got ice cream and just walked around.  It was nice seeing people out again.  This winter was so cold and long that it was hard to get outside at all.  The weather was so beautiful and it seemed like everyone was out eating and just enjoying the sun.  Getting outside early is a great healthy start for the Spring time.  After being inside for several months your body needs to stretch and warm up.  It was so nice to just feel warm air again.  As the nicer weather approaches I am excited to start walking to the park with Quinn and just getting out and enjoying the days with her. 

     So my tip is to get out and stretch.  Get some sun and even start some lawn work!  When summer is here you will have a jump start and a good base tan!  Get some Vitamin D!

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