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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesdays Tip: It may looker nicer out than it really is

     I posted about this weekend and how it looked and felt so very nice out but actually was cold.  Be careful, the sun maybe out but it isn't warm yet.  Spring can be tricky because we have been inside for so long that all we want to do is get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  Some tips for you are as follows. 

Check the weather and see what the temperature will be for the day. 

Go out side and test the temperature, see how actually cold it is.
If you are going outside think about driving and not walking to the park.  Remember walking there is easy, but coming home isn't as fun.

When you do go bring a jacket and dress to the weather.  Make sure you stay warm, just because the sun is out doesn't mean its warm.

Only play outside for a short while.  Don't get distracted by having so much fun that you get cold, or sick. 

Like always have fun!  Be safe but also have some fun, get some exercise and run around a little.  Then get back inside and make sure you stay warm.  Once it get's nicer out you can stay outside longer...

Have fun thin Spring and be mindful it can still be colder out...    

Always Remember,

You are never alone...


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