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Monday, April 21, 2014

The week begins...

     So another long week starts off today as I posted before Quinn was away so now I have another week to get through.  The day yesterday was very exciting however and much loved.  As April approaches its close out I can't help but finally wonder if winter is over!  I did hear that we may end up having a cooler summer but I do finally think it is warming up for good.  Now remember last time I said that I ended up having to clean out the driveway.. again!  Like I have posted before however I do think we are finally in the warmer stages of Spring and it is almost time for spring cleaning!

     For my single parents, get ready for being outside, bike rides and park trips!  I am excited to get the house cleaned and fixed up for the summer as well.  We still have some painting to do as well as some cleaning up to get ready for.  As for another long week well like I said it would be nice if Quinns Mom offered to let me have her other days or to help make up some of the spring break however she will not nor ever probably.  I just get used to it and make the time with Quinn count. 

     I hope everyone has a wonderful week and hopefully a great start to spring!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

This reminds me, time to update my background and make it a warmer appeal!


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