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Monday, April 14, 2014

What do do when you're litte one is away.

     Quinn when on her Annual trip this Spring to Florida and like last time I am finding my self with things to keep busy.  This week I plan to go to the gym an extra trip and start cleaning up the house to get ready for spring.  It can be difficult for single parents when their child goes on vacation.  Before when Quinn went away for shorter periods of time I did find my self thinking of things to do and pacing around.  As time goes on it gets easier and now I am excited she is on vacation and enjoying her time off.  I know she will have fun stories to come back with and adventures to talk about.

     Sometimes in the beginning however a parent can stay up late thinking about what their child is doing away epically for long periods of time.  My advise is to just keep busy, plan some things to do and visit friends.  Go to the gym or see a movie with friends.  If you don't have them on your weekend of time off, take the time to sleep in and relax.  There is nothing you can do and worrying is just going to get you upset.  Let your child enjoy their vacation and you enjoy some me time.  As for my self, well Wednesday I plan on getting to the gym an extra day and this coming weekend like I said starting on cleaning up the house! 

     Single parents who's kids are on vacation have a heard enough time because you have to work with you Ex and not see your child for an extra period of time.  It isn't easy and for this I say just take it day by day and know they will return and be excited to tell you all about their vacation!

Always remember,
You are never alone...
(Even if your child is on vacation)


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