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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Time to take it off!

     So every spring I promise my family and friends I will cut my hair!  Usually in the fall I start to let it grow and I clean it up a few times.  This past year I stated to let it grow out late Summer and didn't really cut it all!  This being one of the longest I have ever gone!  I love how every few times a year i do have a different style.  I love longer hair in the Winter and shorter hair in the Summer.  In the summer I always have it short because it does get to hot and showing and working out is a pain with long hair.  

     With my hair now shorter it does make showers much faster and working out easier.  Plus this year it was blowing in my face when I drove!  It was fun however and everyone has a good time joking about how big it gets.  My hair kinda grows out and up.  I grew it long because I wanted to see if it would grow long and down but I learned and it was a fun Winter.  

     I will admit its fun getting it all taken off, the person cutting it always looks twice and will ask me 3 times if I am sure.  Sometimes I joke as they start to cut it and say NOOO!  Haha, but this time i was nice.  

     So...... Enough talk check out the pics!  Let me know!

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