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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Mid Week Break

     So tonight we had a very fun night, my parents came over to visit with us!  They haven't see Quinn in a while and I thought it would be nice to catch up.  We had some pizza and talked, Quinn talked about her school and how it was going.  It was nice seeing them catch up with her.  Being a single Dad it can be hard I don't have Quinn that much and I have family that wants to see her too.

     After we hung out, my dad and I went down stairs to look at some of the plumbing issues I've been having.  As far as the Humidifer issue I talked about well I found it.  It was the water line, the plastic hose broke and I ordered a new one.  It should come in a little bit so for now we just have to deal.  We also did some snaking.  For the past few weeks we think we had a pipe clog and have been looking for a while now.  I think we finally found the issue, so we snaked down the pipe and now we have to bring the hose in from outside to flush it out.  Yes it is still outside, don't ask!  The weather will warm up so this is my last chance to get it inside.  We will see where this brings us, hopefully that will do it!

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