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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The weekend update!

     The weekend has come and gone and here we are again!  Friday night started out great.  Quinn has been getting in and not complaining about things or not wanting to come.  We started out the weekend great!  That night we just hung in.  Had some dinner and just watched some TV.  We let Quinn stay up a little later because she was good.  Fridays are usually tiring because of how long the week feels.  We actually headed to Target that night before bed to get some things and we picked up a new Barbie for Quinn.  She got a nurse and she was African American.  I thought it was nice that she didn't think about color.  She wanted a nurse and thats all she say.  I was proud of her, she loves her new Barbie too!

     Saturday we got up and we made pancakes!  Quinn's request and I had no problem because I love them too!  My we had family stop over this weekend which was nice too!  My Mom stopped over for a visit and hang out with us.  It was nice to catch up with her and she got to enjoy some time with Quinn.  They worked on some crafts and played with her toys.  It was cute to just watch her enjoy her time.  Brings me back when I used to see my Grandmothers.  That night we had Matt and Becky come over for dinner!  We had a nice chicken meal with carrots.  Quinn ate a bunch too which was great because now she is eating healthier!  After we played her new Frozen board game Becky and Matt got her for her birthday and we then called it a night.  Quinn had a wonderful day.

     Sunday started off nice, I made Quinn a big healthy breakfast and we cleaned the house a little while Quinn played.  Aunt Ro came over for a visit and we had lunch.  Quinn got a little upset because she wouldn't eat her meal but wanted candy.  I told her she needs to eat lunch to get a piece of candy.  She got upset and thew a tantrum.  It lasted quite a while and after a few time outs and some toys taken away, and even a pat on the butt she finally came back down to earth and relaxed.  I can't be shocked because I thew them and I know I wasn't the best as a kid.  I did however remind her that her Mom and Dad provide her with a nice home and food.  There are many kids that don't have that or a nice meal every night.  I told her to be thankful because we have to.  Many kids around the world have less in their lives and go on living day to day.  I don't want Quinn to get spoiled or think the world owes her.  We work very hard and I know my parents worked hard for what they gave me.

     I know growing up we never really know how hard our parents worked till we work like that and say "ohh now i get it".  She will have a job one day and kids and I hope she passes it along that we always need to be thankful.  We watched some movies the rest of the and just relaxed.  It was nice to just hang out on the couch with Quinn and sit with her.  After dinner we cleaned up and headed back to Mom's house.  We had some bumps in the road but were getting better.  Just takes time,...

I hugged her and told her I loved her so much, before I got back to my car she ran back out and hugged me again and said she loved me.  As the night ends the house is quiet again and we start the week all over...  Here we go again... Monday.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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