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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Halloween Post!

     Halloween was a great night.  I picked Quinn up with Kayla that night.  At first she didn't want to go because she wanted to hand out candy.  Her Mom does a good job of talking to her as they get ready because as they come out Quinn does come and her Mom encourages her which is cool.  We told her that we would get come candy and pass some out.  Quinn got in and off to Aunt Ro's!  We hung out with Aunt Ro for a while and took some pictures then off to Oma and Popi's!

     Quinn dressed as a Super Villain.  She went as Haley Quinn, the Jokers sidekick.  It was cute and picking out her costume was so much fun.  We do it every year and I hope everyone likes her costume.

     We got some treats from them and some great pics as well.  Then we walked around to some friends houses and got to trick or treat some more!  It was a bit colder out and raining some but we survived.  It has been a Halloween tradition.  Even when I didn't have Quinn on Halloween we still took our pictures.  When we got home Quinn passed out some candy with us and had some dinner.  She was so excited.  We then put he to bed and shortly after headed up to.  Halloween this year came so fast it feels like October just started!  Now I feel like Christmas is being pushed on us!  We still have Thanksgiving to get through.

   It was a great night and now we have candy for a while!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween too!

  Enjoy the pics!

I love my Little Super Villain...

Always remember...

You are Never alone...


Aunt Ro and Quinn!

Kay, Quinn and I!

Quinn and Kayla!

Quinn and I! Our yearly pic!

Trick or Treat!

Quinn and Oma!

Quinn, Oma and Popi!  He's there, trust me.

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