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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: How to get your kids to eat Vegetables!


 Everyone knows kids don't love to eat their veggies!  It has been a battle from the beginning of time!  I can remember battling with my parents when I was little about how much to eat and what to eat.  I think parents do and should have to start their kids off when they are young to start eating healthy.  There are so many reasons to start and below I have some great tips for my readers.  First know that there are many business that are trying to push soda, fast food and things to make us and our kids love the taste.  With such a growing problem of kids and adults being overweight we need to really start young.

     With Quinn we usually have her eat something healthy for snacks and then at dinner have her try at least a few vegetables.  She knows she does have to eat them because they are good for her.  She also knows they don't taste good (to her) so it can be difficult because our taste buds control what we eat!  If vegetables tasted like candy there would be no fast food places at all!   As we have time with Quinn we usually talk to her before hand and advise her she does have to try something healthy on her plate.  She has been getting a lot better and I do hope it helps in the long run.  After all parents are suppose to help their kids grow up big and strong!  So check out some of the tips below and feel free to add your own!

  1)  Show them that you eat healthy.  Let them know how important and show them by setting a good example.  Eat healthy too!

  2)  Start easy, give your kids a vegetable that isn't extremely scary!  Start with a small baby carrot cooked or pea's.  Some things you can stir fry like peppers.

  3) Try to stay away from dips.  I know dipping raw veggies in ranch feels like a win but unless you just dip a very small tip in then you just getting no place.  If what you're eating is coated in dip, umm yea not very productive.  This goes for adults too!

  4)  Give them incentive, tell them to just try it and give them a dessert after dinner.  I usually don't bribe but I think if a kids eats their veggie a small reward isn't terrible.  Don't give them a big cake for eating one small veggie!

  5)  Have a vegetable at every meal or at least dinner.  If you stay consistent you will show them they can't avoid vegetables.

  6)  Ask them what they like.  They might surprise you and tell you.  Quinn loves Sugar Snap Pea's and Hummus.  I don't mind because they are booth very good for you so we are happy.  She also told us and we never would have known.  So just ask, never huts to ask right!?

7)  Cook vegetables in a way your kids will like.  Maybe pan sear them with some seasoning.  Or mix small amounts in corn, or mashed potatoes.  Don't lace them with sugar!  Again, not making progress!

8)  Eat mixed meals that have veggies in them.  For example you can buy rice or other health sides with small pieces of broccoli or things in it and your kids will never know.  It's a great start.

  9)  Keep reminding them how healthy living is important and stay away from unhealthy choices.  Unless its a special occasion.

  10)  Last, keep up the good work.  Just keep trying. If they won't eat them work with your kids and tell them to at least eat a few pieces.  I'm not really for them sitting there till the foods gone, but work with them.  Again, ask them before dinner what veggitalbe they would like and buy that.  Then slowly work others in.  They will grow up and like and not like some.  I don't like them all and some I eat I only like cooked some ways so its not just kids.

Also remember don't force them or push them.  They do have little bellies so they have to be eased in slowly.  Don't put a full broccoli head on their plate and tell them that's dinner!  This may make them feel pressured and sick because they are hungry.

I tell my readers kids are like swimming pools.  Over time they will learn to love eating healthy!

Sometimes you have to jump in and just do things.  Sometimes you have to slide in slowly and take it easy.  Either way never give up... 

I hope this helps! 

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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