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Saturday, November 8, 2014

A relaxing weekend in the Fall

     This past October Kayla and I headed to my families Camp to get away and just relax.  We planned this trip for a while now and went in October because the area is beautiful that time of year.  The camp is about an hour and half south of were we live.  A nice private area to just relax, hunt or get away.  We left Friday mid day and started our trip.  We wanted to arrive before dark to get settled in and get dinner before it got late.  After we got the camp set we headed into town to a diner I love and got some dinner.  I love the town because it is one of those small towns were everyone is nice and friendly.  Knows each other, the ones you just don't see much anymore.  The food was so good and after we headed deeper into town to get food for the weekend.

     That night we just stayed in and relaxed.  It was pretty cold out for early October but we cuddled and watched some TV.  The next day we made some breakfast and took a walk around town.  It was still chilly so we didn't do much.  There is a great little place to get hots and hamburgers we went to for lunch.  Another small town perk, the food was so good and that small town atmosphere is really what we love so much.  That night we got some dinner and then made a romantic fire!  We had a nice blanket and just relaxed.  The weekend was so relaxing, something we both needed for so long.  It's good to get away and recharge I hope everyone has a place like I do to do this.  It's so important to rest, we work so hard in life its not worth it if we burn out.  After our trip we were so relaxed and re-energized.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Fall season!  I have more to post!
Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


The beautiful sights...

Here we are!

It was so peaceful.  

Just relaxing

Our Fire!

Our weekend was amazing!

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