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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Check your furnace in September

     So I always tell my readers to get ready for the season ahead!  What I mean is a few weeks before it hits get ready!  We have been hit with a cold front and snow sooner than expected!  So the other night I was looking at my furnace humidifier and noticed it needed a cleaning and the filter changed.  It also was dripping a little from the back.  I took it apart and ended up with Kayla's help fixing it up.  We cleaned the whole system out, changed the drain line and put a new filter in.  I still see a drip so I will check it out today and maybe tomorrow when my Dad comes.  Good news in all this the furnace runs!  You want heat before heat and water vapor that's for sure!  So I looked online and found some ideas.  I fired up the furnace early November so that has been ready and working for a while now. 

     You do however want to do this because if you check something when you need it, and it doesn't work you are in major trouble.  A few years ago my furnace didn't fire up and we needed to fix a fan on it.  We got the part in and yes it is good to go now.  Don't also get me started on the snow blower.  This is one of my bigger downfalls, I need to get this started up and running soon because the snow is already here!  So if you live in a colder place make sure your furnace is working correctly and yes your plumbing looks nice and tight around the house.  Leaks can always spell disaster, but leaks in the winter just add the frustration.  So fire up your furnace and check your humidifier for leaks and make sure it is working correctly.  If you get started earlier the better off you will be!  Remember the colder it gets the more in demand the services will become so getting a repair man out to fix your furnace will get harder as the cold weather comes in!

     I did what I could and just left my humidifier.  I know the house is safe and it doesn't need to be on but worrying won't get me anywhere.  I also didn't want a puddle so I will wait to see exactly what is going on with it.  I will keep you all posted! 
Here is a basic Humidifier and its parts.

    Also on another note make sure your storm windows are now all down and screens are up!  Protect your windows and home by doing this.  Rake your yard and put up your hose.  We do have to get ready for winter because the cold can damage things if we don't take are of them.  Always look around your basement and home for anything that feels or looks off.  Check pips all the time and make sure everything is running and draining correctly. 

Remember, ready or not...  Winter is coming! 

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  1. Wow! It seems that you really take your winter preparations seriously. You’re definitely right with regard to checking the furnace beforehand. It’s always best to get the kinks out and make sure everything is running smoothly before the cold sets in. By inspecting it up close, you know which parts to look out for, in case it does break down mid-winter. Anyway, I hope you had a warm and cozy winter at your home. Cheers!

    Dennis @ Laird and Son

    1. Hey Dennis! Yes we do! A few years ago i didn't and then i needed a new fan inside! Well I didn't get it started till November, we had a cold start! lol.. My dad always tells me what ever the season start the tool a few months ahead of time. I yet to really do this with my snowblower....lol Look forward sharing some ideas!

  2. This is all extremely good advice. When I was younger, I was lazy and didn't really think about this sort of thing. Most of the time I was okay since the winter's are usually on the warmer side around here. However, after I moved to Alaska for a job that didn't work out so well. Things would break down in the winter and I would be out of luck.

    Peter Wilson @ Rumpca Services

    1. Peter,
      Thanks for the comment! I can remember a few years ago I needed it fixed around October and it was cold. I won't make this mistake again!
      Stay warm this winter!