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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Working with frustration

     Something all parents deal with is a child that just won't work with you some days.  This past weekend Quinn threw a fit over her pants.  It is hard to dress her some days because she feels all she wants to wear are sweatpants that are comfortable.  Now being little we don't always mind but I told her she has to wear other cloths.  She likes them cause they are very comfortable.  Problem is she won't war jeans, I don't wear them either because I don't like them so I can't really punish her for that.  However when we find pants that fit she still scrams that they are tight.  Getting her in pants is one of the hardest jobs we have.  Every style, size and color is a battle.  We take her with us but sometimes that doesn't even help. 

     She still doesn't understand she can wear shorts in January!  It's New York!  I know one day she will have to start dressing up more but I am trying now to get her out the habit of wearing comfortable pants or she will grow up and only wear Yoga pants!  Here are a few tips I learned and had help with when it comes to clothing! 

1) Take the child with you on a day you aren't busy and not to close to a season change so you have time. 

2)  Have them pick out colors and styles they like and tell them you will also pick out some.  That way you both win.

3)  Try the cloths on, if they don't fit try another size.  If they do but the child says they don't.  Reassure them clots have to stretch a little and you body does have to work with them to get used to it.

4) Remember brands have different fabric so a size 7 or 8 maybe smaller from brand to brand.  Just like pants for adults. 

5)  Make sure to also feed healthy snacks your child is growing but can't work off body fat like adults.  We have to feed our kids healthy choices or they will get used to junk food. 

6)  If the child won't put cloths on, tell them they can't go out that day or play.  You can't send them outside in no pants!  Remind them wearing underwear to school is  bad dream, they don't want it to come true! 

7)  I also feel not to just keep going up and up in size to fast or buy to expensive of cloths.  Children have to adapt to us to.  If they complain and we do what ever they want, they will learn and just complain more or harder.  This will not help, we need to explain that even though the cloths may feel tight they aren't and their body needs to just be in them for a little to adjust.

     So many times Quinn complained and at the end of the day she is fine.  Some days she says the pants are to tight and they aren't even up yet.  How does that happen!  I ask her how can they be tight if they are around her knees!?  It will be a battle and being a divorced parent it doesn't help.  She has two houses she is being raised in, two very different ones.  Always remember this if you are in this aspect.  It's not their fault and just kneed down and talk to them. 

     As of now we are set for cloths and I think in ok shape!  That however can change week to week...

I hope these tips helped!  Feel free to leave any of your own!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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