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Sunday, November 9, 2014

An Anniversary to Remember...

     Twenty Five Years ago the Berlin Wall came down.  A wall that was put up and divided a country. East and West.  The west side was free and the West side was more under the control by Russia. For decades many people died trying to get over the wall.  Then finally after years the wall was taken down and the country was whole again.  I can remember hearing stories because my Oma was born in Germany and moved to the states.

     After the wall came down my brother and I received a piece of it via mail from family.  I remember getting it and didn't know what to say.  I was old enough to understand the wall and I felt I was happy to see I had a piece of history.  I kept it safe and always understood what it was but never saw first hand the power it had.  When I saw video of people breaking the wall and cheering I knew this wall was powerful.  I new it changed the world not just Germany.

     I saw on the news it was 25 years ago that the wall came down and as the news showed old video I can only image how amazing that day must have been.  When I went to Germany back in 1999 as part of the Student Exchange Program.  I remember taking a picture of me standing over a line in Germany, my one foot on one side the other on the other side.  I remember them telling us that was were the wall once stood and the grooved line follows the entire country.  The wall is still up in some parts of the country to show what it stood for.

     So I say today I pray for peace because twenty five years ago the world did get better.  A wall was taken down and people and families were reunited.

     Always remember,
You are never alone...

Here is my piece of the wall that was sent to me.  Yes it is just concrete with spray paint on it, but the stories can tell show so much more...

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