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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Back on Track

    After reading two very good emails, one from my Mom and the other from my Aunt I realized I have to be patient, with my self and my situation.  I was given very good advise from both advising that kids don't come with instructions and what is best for the child is the most important.  It is hard being a single parent and sometimes I feel short changed.  They advised me when it comes to Quinn to make sure she has a great childhood.  She is growing up in two homes which will have its challenges. 

  I was told to try to sit down with my Ex and set the same rules, which would be good in a normal situation but she won't and I have different rules.  She bribes and I pretty must say game over.  They both gave many great ideas and thoughts that I do have to just think about but I was upset over the Hoe Down because you can't volunteer on someone else's time, that's all.  Not to make this a complaining session so I will wrap it up and thank them both.  They told me always have faith and remember Quinn will always love her Dad...

     With that I have to say yesterday was great, she got in the car and we were off with no problems.  We had a great dinner and just relaxed a little.  We did some reading then off to bed.  The next morning Quinn got ready for school and had some breakfast, she got dressed and was very good.  I think we have the cloths down at least for now.  When it comes to cloths, well kids can be picky and it might be difficult.  I know its just a phase but I am trying to show her she needs more options than yoga pants!  (she doesn't wear them but close)  So as the weekend comes I am just as curious as you! 

    I will let you all know, that's for sure!

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


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