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Friday, January 16, 2015

A Post From IT

     Hello all,
So with the new site came a few IT issues!  I did however fix the email glitch.  So when I got the new site my followers said the emails stopped.  This is because there is a new address so if you want to follow via email on the right hand side put in your email address and hit submit!  It says follow by email on the right hand side.

     So I updated the email app and now it is set!  So if you want to follow me and get the post please put your address in the section to the left and follow away!  I am posting this because I got many friends and family members that were having issues!  If you have any questions just email me or post a comment!

     Which brings me to my next topic.  You can leave comments still.  For some reason the comments section is there just not showing so if you would like to leave a comment just hit the comment link.  Other than that we are still working on updating the blog this year and getting you new information to view and learn from.

From your local IT guy.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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