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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I think we have a new record!

  So last year on the way to work my car showed -9!  One of the coldest days we had not to mention with the wind chill it was colder!  So this year we have had some very cold days but when I was driving to work my car went from 2 degrees to -9!  Then it hit -10!  I was on the last road before my office I couldn't believe we hit -10 degree's.  Seeing how I was driving I couldn't take the picture by the time I pulled in it was -9.  I was like NOOOOO!!  So I got a pic but I swore it was -10!

     We have had colder days before and I know there are colder area's in the world but for us this was pretty cool.  Plus I never had a car with a thermostat in it so that's nice!  So today marks a record for me at least in my car ha-ha...  So with the weather staying cold I remind everyone to stay warm by being smart!  Start your car early, let it run.  Wear warm cloths, set your thermostat to lower during the times you are not there and warmer when you are home.  It will be running a lot so don't over work it!

     Also always make sure pets are warm too don't leave them outside long.  Also parents make sure your kids stay warm.  Sometimes kids get cold but don't realize it.  If you have any pictures of cold temperatures send them my way I'd gladly post them!

Stay warm everybody!

Always remember,

You are never alone...


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