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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sometimes they even suprise you

    Last night and this morning I knew Quinn was getting older just because of how she is now reacting.  She told me last night she was going to miss me and that she wanted to see me more.  I told her she always can its allowed.  She told me then her Mom would miss her, I told her this is true but I told her not to worry right now.  She is to little to be worrying about her Dad.  I can't imagine how hard it must be for a child to be thinking about both parents and how to make them both happy.  I told her she can use her Mom's phone to call me and say hi if she ever wanted. 

     As I moved on to my new life over four years ago it has been very difficult.  Many long nights, wondering how Quinn is doing when I'll see her again and how much I don't see her per how much her Mom does.  It's been tough and I think the next few years will be hard but get easier as she get older and more aware of her life.  All I want is for her to grow up loving all her family and to understand the hard work you need to do in this world.  I give her more responsibility because she needs to know you need to work hard in this world and that things aren't just given to you.  That's all parents can do for their kids.  As Quinn has gotten older I have seen her want to stay with me more and since I have been with Kayla she now loves coming over more.  I'm so glad she gets along with Kay and that she feels safe and secure around her. 

     Wednesdays like this are hard because now I won't see Quinn till next Wednesday and over the past few years it has taken time to get over how hard it can be.  The first few years were difficult but over time you realize to keep busy and not stress.  It takes time I will admit but now its better.  As she gets older she can spend more time where she wants and will one day just be able to come and go.  For now I am so excited how she does show interest to be with me more and later I hope to further feed that. 

     Take your time and breath, only choose the battles you feel are worth fighting for...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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