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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Weekend Update!

     The weekend has come and gone and here we are again!  Friday was so special because Quinn got to have some time with m Parents.  We dropped her off and headed to Paul's to catch up with him.  My parents haven't seen Quinn in a while so they took her to dinner and then bowling!  After they all made a gingerbread house.  It came out great and she told us all her adventures when we picked her up!  Its important for grandparents and other family member to see her.  It is just hard being divorced with little time.  We do what we can with what we have...

     Saturday we got up and some breakfast and got cleaned up.  We headed over to Aunt Ro's because she hasn't seen Quinn in a while either.  Aunt Ro took her for lunch with some other family and we got her after.  Quinn got some rounds with family this weekend and it was good.  That night we ha some friends over and we all had dinner.  After Aunt Becky and Uncle Matt played some games with us and we put Quinn to bed.

     The next day we headed to Church and then spend the day relaxing.  It was still very cold out and there is not much snow so we kept safe inside!  We caught up on some shows, played with some toys and cleaned a little.  Quinn had a great weekend and she is getting better at working with us.  It was just overall an amazing weekend.  They come and go so fast, but I have her Wednesday so we're excited.

     I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend we didn't have many pictures but I will update you all soon!  Make sure you always have your children see their other family members its just so important.  They need to know who family is.  I know its hard with a divorce but try...

Always remember,

You are never alone...


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