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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Friday Night Dinner

     This past weekend we started off with dinner.  It has been a long time since we went out and we figured it was due.  We headed off to the Nutcracker for a Fish Fry  well except Kayla she had Mac & Cheese.  Quinn was so excited to have a Fish dinner.  I was just excited to have dinner all together.  We ate and were greeted by some of the staff there that we know.  The food is always wonderful, that small restaurant food that every down and cities have that just serve amazing food.  We ate and talked, Quinn told us about her week and how school is going.  What she likes and different things she is working on.        

     It was nice to just have dinner, relax and enjoy a night out.  I'm glad Quinn likes to try different foods and I am glad she likes fish because it is good for you, well the fry part maybe not!  I remember bringing Quinn out to dinner when we first moved out it was something we enjoyed and started to do.  Now with Kayla it is just as great and I'm glad she loves to come to dinner with us.  However it also is nice to share a dish we both enjoy and bonded over.  The night ended well, we came home and relaxed then headed up to bed.  Quinn is getting better at getting ready for bed on her own and although she takes longer than she probably should we will work on this.

For now, it was a great night and we all had fun!  I can't wait to update on what else we did this weekend!
Enjoy the pic!

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She is getting so big!

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