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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Reviews and writeups

     So over the past few years Quinn, Kayla and my self have traveled around between parks, restaurants play area's and all different vendors and commercial stores.  I wanted to take some time to do some write ups and start.  As the blog gets updated soon I wanted to submit general updates.  If you have a product or place you would like me to visit or review let me know!  (Location within reason).  Now granted I am no review credit or expert in most topics but I will do my research and thoroughly review the product.  For anyone out there that wants to get their product out there feel free to contact me and let me know.  I plan to personally post the review and have a tab at the top as well for you to see what was reviewed in the past. 

     Am I looking to become an expert and have lots of people asking me daily, probably won't happen but if you come across my this blog and have something you would like talked about let me know.  I also will share it with my Google + Account and get the word out and offer other input.  So let m know and I would gladly do some research, check it out and then see what we have!

     I look forward to this weekend to catching up on my blog with new post, updating it in general and just getting the new overhaul out there!  I look forward to seeing what we can do...

It's going to be a new and big year so I hope you stick around...

Always remember,

You are never alone...


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