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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Up North

    Right after Christmas when we picked up Quinn for the weekend we picked up Quinn and headed up North!  We made good time and Quinn was so excited to go visit Kayla's family.  When we got there we settled in and started opening some gifts.  Quinn was so excited to open her gifts up.  We spent the night hanging out and just being together.  We went to bed and got up the next day and started our weekend.  We had breakfast and then just relaxed as we got ready for the day.  We spent the day playing with Quinns toys and just visiting.  That night Kayla and I visited one of her best friends because she was recently engaged.  It was nice to visit with her friends and meet more of them.

     Later that night we went home and had some dinner.  Then some of Kayla's family came out and played some cards and just visited. It was nice Quinn had a great time and loves Kayla's family more and more we go up she gets more comfortable.  The next day we got up, had some breakfast hung out and left.  We got home at a good hour, dropped off Quinn and went home.

     We hope to go up again later this Spring but for now just wait out the Winter and let the weather warm up.  As I try to finnish up so late post I again hope everyone had a great holiday.

Getting ready for presents~!

Opening some gifts!

Connor and Quinn!

Here we are!

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