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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter is here and its not leaving yet!

     Yesterday I told everyone that right now the whole country is experiencing some cold temperatures so I have some tips for the rest of the week for everyone!  Usually I put out tips on Tuesday but today is special.

  Make sure you keep your heat on, I know some people like me like it low because how expensive it is but keep it at least in the mid to high 60's to start.  If you have children make sure it is up when they are with you. 

    Your furnace will be on more yes but you have to remember if the water in your home freezes there will be bigger problems.  This of course means there is little to no heat but your home needs to stay warm to be in good condition.  Some homes heat better than others and if your upstairs gets cold make sure you have thinks like other heaters.  There are some great very safe ones out there.  We have a few just to help the upstairs.  There are radiator heaters that are very energy efficient and very safe that put out a lot of heat.  They also can go on timers and keep the room less warm when people are in them and warmer at night. 

     Other things you can do is bundle up!  Have extra blankets, sweatshirts and some long sleeve shirts on sometimes an extra shirt can help.  Cuddle up as well! Cuddle with your loved ones and your kids!  That's how they did it back in the day, body heat works sometimes the best.  You never stop producing heat, unless your hugging someone dead, then well call 911.  When I comes to your car.  Start it early, if you have a remote use it! Or go out quick and start it, your car needs to warm up as well.  Its better for it to run a little in cold weather, also when you get in your car you will be warmer and safer to drive.  Take the time to also brush off your car!  Don't bee the guy driving down the road with snow all over the windows. 

     When it comes to things like cloths, put your cloths in the dryer for a few minutes this will heat them up.  Or place them on a vent or heater while you get ready.  Make sure the heater is save!  Use a radiator heater!  Don't place cloths on a heater that can set fire!!!! You also want to make sure your heat is on at the right times.  Set your thermostat, so the heat is on in the morning and when you come home.  You can lower it during the times the house is empty but make sure it is working while you are there.  When it comes to your furnace also start from the bottom.  Go to the basement and close off any vents that don't need heat.  Maybe you have a spare room, close that vent until you need it.  If you close off vents at the furnace the heat will go to other pipes and rooms faster and more effectively! 

     Make sure your children's cloths are warm and dry before they start the day off, don't let them leave with wet boots or gloves.  Don't stay out side long either.  Stay in until the temperatures go up.  Even if you are clothed correctly you breath in that cold air that is very dangerous.  So play indoors till it warms up! 

I hope my tips helped!  Stay warm and be safe!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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