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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: be ready before it begins...


      So this upcoming weekend we have Quinn and we plan on being ready before we get her so we have a game plan!  We have her Wednesday and what I plan to do is run some ideas with her and then see what she things she would like to do.  I did find however as a great tip to be ready.  Plan some ideas in advanced and think about some thing you can do and when its winter its even more important so you don't get bored!

     So some of the tips I have is, look for indoor playgrounds, or think about sledding, going ice-skating or a play date with your friends and their kids!  Call a head and get times, prices and any other information you may need.  If you have ideas for the weekend your child will be so much more excited!  You can spend a few hours getting some exercise and not worrying about the outside cold!  Every town and city does have some areas and events to offer.  I even just searched the web for great ideas for kids.  Also think about bowling, going out for lunch or playing in the snow if its not to cold out.

    When Quinn was younger and I wasn't with Kayla I searched for all different areas in my city for things to do.  Now that I have a few that we like to go to Quinn now advises what she would like to do.  I know being a single Dad can be hard and at first it was because sometimes Woman have some great natural ideas.  So I just worked that much harder at looking and making sure Quinn loved spending time with me.  If you have a fun filled weekend you won't feel you just sat around and did nothing all weekend.  I have had those weekends and granted sometimes a movie day is good.  The kids love to relax and watch movies with snacks while the cold beats down on the home. 

    Another tip however is if you plan on doing something check the times of operations.  I found getting somewhere early or when they first opened gave Quinn more time and space to do what she wanted before other kids would come.  When we go to indoor playground we try to get their right away so she can enjoy things and not have to worry about it filling up.  Places like those fill up fast and then there are kids all over.   Parks are the same way, in the summer I take Quinn to all different parks around town to experience her with different area's and ideas. 

     For my single parents again, make sure to plan ahead!  Get some ideas ready, call ahead and then figure out what the game plan is.  Remember kids love their parents no matter what, unless you don't give them any attention or give them a big reason or make them fear you.  So if you have a Quiet weekend don't feel you failed!  Your kids naturally love you and know you are doing your best.  If you however plan ahead and get ready you won't feel you are just sitting inside all day and wasting the day.  Also many places have deals, coupons and other ways to save money!  Look to see when you can do this to help. 

I hope this helps!

Always remember,
You are never alone..


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