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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A mid week break!

     Tonight was a special med week break.  My parents, aunt and brother came over for dinner.  We celebrated Christmas with Quinn because this weekend we are going up north to spend time with Kayla's family.  It was really nice, everyone came over and had a nice dinner and just talked laughed and had a wonderful time.

    After dinner we did some presents and Quinn had a blast she loved all her gifts and of course was opening them as fast as they came!  We had to move a bit fast because it was later but we had so much fun.  After we had some dessert and off to bed for Quinn.  We spent some time talking to my family after a bit and just caught up and the were off.  We cleaned up and then headed to bed.  As a short post I wanted to say as a parent that has to share my child we do what we can to make it work.  Being remarried and not having many families Quinn wants to see them all.

     We do whats best for the child and thats whats best for the community.  Just because its not the 25th doesn't mean its not Christmas!  Christmas is a day to be with family and love ones...

I have a picture just didn't post it yet!  I will!

Always remember...

You are never alone.


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