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Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Weekend Closes Out!

     So the big weekend now closed out and everyone now playing with their new toys and trying on their new cloths and PJ's.  PJ's are cool and everyone gets them during the holiday.  We picked up Quinn on Christmas and headed up North to visit Kayla's family.  Quinn was excited, we made it there in good time and said hello's.  Then Quinn tore into gifts lol, we had family coming over so we had to get them opened and set.

     Kayla's Aunts, Uncle and Cousins came over and we all had dinner with the family and Nana.  It was so nice her Nana could come.  Her Grandmother and other Aunt came down as well so we had a full house!  As we ate we laughed and talked and just caught up, we also had many wedding pictures to give away and show.  After dinner we just relaxed and hung out.  Saturday we had some things around town to get done and then had dinner with the family.  Kayla's Dad and I cooked some fish up and I can't wait to post that!  This year was special because I had Quinn on Christmas day and then the weekend came which was mine so like I said we saw her Wednesday then Thursday for the morning, then Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  What a week!  I will say she was good to I don't know everything she goes through so I try my hardest to understand.  However she is just a good kid...  Parents I hope you spent the holiday with your kids!

     Sunday we just packed up and headed home, unpacked our gifts and are no home relaxing.  The season is not coming to a close but not before New Years!  This week will be fun I have a lot of great post to put up and can't wait for a new year and beginning.

     I hope everyone had a great relaxing holiday!

Always Remember,
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