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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

     Hello all my readers!  Today is Christmas Eve for those who celebrate!  It was a good start for me I had a half day at work!  After getting out and some shopping done I plan on making Kayla a nice dinner  and plan on attending church after.  Yes my cooking fans I will post!

     So this is it, the big night before Christmas.  A time for joy, love, family and friends!  Its odd b/c its in the 60's here a record high!  It was so warm I opened our bedroom window!  So as we celebrate this joyful time I hope everyone had a great december and a very nice holiday.  Religious or not I do hope this month was festive and fun for anyone that is religious I hope you all remember what this month means.  Now of course there are speculations on when Jesus was born and many now say the spring per well many things however I have heard them all but still always feel December is a good month to believe let alone everything out there.  So I do hope everyone gets to attend a special service and remember what was given to us and given up for us.

     So as tonight comes and the kids get tucked in to bed and sweet dreams I hope their parents have a safe and fun night and wake up to kids happy and excited to unwrap gifts!  A joyful time of year and I want to wish everyone a nice night and keep prayers in your hearts..

    For my parents that have their kids tonight but not tomorrow have fun and love them!  Spend time with them and just be with them.  For my parents out there waiting to see their kids tomorrow.  Be patient and enjoy the night.  I pick up Quinn tomorrow so tonight I will enjoy my time with Kayla and let Quinn have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Morning tomorrow before we pick her up!

Be strong for all my parents moving kids around this time of year and always make them feel loved.

Always remember...

You are Never alone.


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