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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Single/Parents always remember your past...

     I say single parents however sometimes families not divorced still can have fincial struggles.  When I first moved into my home now I had nothing, well I had family and friends but I had to start over and fill it with stuff.  I had to make it a home and that took time and money.  Many people helped me and donated many items to help me out.  However this post is very special because our first Christmas a friend gave me Candy Land.  A classic game everyone loves!  The game was older and a few things missing but I was so happy he gave me it.  I wrapped it up for Quinn and it was one of the gifts she opened.  She was still little so she didn't end up ever playing it, so yes the next year I wrapped it up again.  She still opened it up and never knew lol she loved it and a parent will do anything to give their kids a good Christmas.

     I wrapped up the game one more time in 2013 and by then I knew she would now keep it open.  I laugh as I tell this story but honesty it was hard.  I was working 70 hours a week coming home dead tired and even sleeping over friends and families houses because they were close to work.  Quinn still always loved Christmas and now this year my brother got her a brand new one!  So she opened it up for the last time, again...

    This experience tells me and us that even though I am doing better and Kayla and I are giving Quinn a good life at one point I was scared.  I was tired, over worked and just run down.  I will tell my parents and single parents where you are now however never take for granted.  There may have been a time you weren't as well off.  Kayla and I both talk about how our parents growing up worked hard and when we were little they did everything they could to help their kids (us).  Now that our parents are older and also in a different state they always come to our aid to help with the house or to make our Christmas a wonderful one.

     So I say this always take pride in your lives but remember where you came from and know where you were and some of the struggles.  So below I show the old game and the new one reminding me and maybe others our past is who we are...

Thank you to everyone who has been there for me and helped me get where I am now.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


The old Candy Land is retired! 

The new one from Uncle Ken!

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