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Monday, December 14, 2015

Sunday was busy!

     Sunday we got up and did some cleaning early.  Quinn and Daddy had a little dispute but we got through it.  Were still working on Quinn and when it comes to listening and telling the truth.  She is still picky on what she wears and getting her dressed is well hit or miss.  We are cutting tags off her pants because they bother her and well were working this still.  We told her we can't cut the tags off everything because we wont know her size!

   Well later this afternoon my parents came to pick Quinn up to spend some time with her.  They haven't babysat in a while and had a great day planned.  They went home and had another neighborhood girl over that is her age and made crafts!  A very pretty tree ornaments as well as some nice cookies!  When Kayla and I picked her up she was just so happy to show us her work!  We took a few pictures and then headed out.  We went to a late church service and then back to her Mom's.  It was a great day and picking up Quinn made me remember all the fun days we spend with our friends and all the fun things my Mom had for us.

I can't tell you how important it is for your children to see all their family.  I know in a divorced situation its harder because you don't see them as much which is what I tell my family a lot!  However give them time they need to know parents come first but that your child needs interaction with everyone.  So for my single parents out there be patient and remember to make sure your child does have time with all your family.

 What is best for the child is what we always strive for... 

Quinn with Oma and Poppi

She did such a great job!

Hanging the ornament!

     I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is enjoying their parenting time! 

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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