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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The decorations are up!

     This past weekend Kayla and I did some decoration setup!  It was that time of year we got everything out and ready last Sunday.  Setting up the Christmas decorations are always a great time.  I can remember setting up the house growing up, my Mom would setup most of the inside and my Dad would put up the lights outside.  Now that I have my own home I get to decorate!  Since Kayla moved in we have purchased more decorations but I did have a tree of course lol!

     We used to have a tree decorating party growing up.  Every year we would have the friends over or my parents would have co workers, every year we had different people.  The years we had our friends over was really fun.  We did that a few times our friends would come with food and we would eat, drink and then put the decorations up.  We brought up boxes of them!  As we put different decorations up we would explain some of the odd ones or laugh at the pictures of my brother and I on some of them.  It took some time and led into the night, after we hung out and played some games and just had fun.  So one day I can't wait to start maybe a tradition like this, for now its Kay and I.  Quinn put a few up Wednesday when she came over.  The spirt of decorating always a joy.  Now with some lights and tree up its just a new feel and look for the season.

     I hope you all had a great time decorating your homes and enjoying the spirit.  Here are some pics of our tree!

Always remember,
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Here we are!

Quinn adding some last minute touches!

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