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Friday, December 18, 2015

A week before Christmas

      So being the person who wants to wish everyone a happy holiday and with all the religions and celebrations I don't push just one.  Since I do celebrate Christmas I am just giving a weeks notice!  Make sure you are wrapping up your shopping and any other gift buying.  When it comes to online shopping make sure you are looking at delivery dates and all that or you will be giving gifts for new years!

     With holiday parties also be safe this time.  Tonight we have Kayla's work party and we are very excited but will be safe in our travels.  Be safe and don't celebrate to much, or make sure you have a driver.  The last thing you want for the holidays is a DWI, or worse to hurt someone else.

     One week to go, be sure to enjoy the week and for other religions as well!  This is a time for giving and being thankful for all we have.  Enjoy time with family and friends over a nice meal and just have fun.  Share stories, play games and remember this time comes once a year...

  So with the final countdown I say be safe and watch the Mall or other busy stores.  I was out today mid day and it was still busy!

Enjoy the holiday...

Always remember,
You are Never alone...


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