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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: How not to be rushing on the holidays...

     So with the holidays now fast approaching and everyone celebrating and shopping, unless you don't per believes or other reasons which is totally okay.  For those who are I have a few tips I may find that will help you out. 

   So many times people rush out last minute and just wonder what to get family or friends and loved ones.   They flock to the malls to see what is on sale and fight though parking and crowds.  When it is all said and done you are overtired and just ready to fall on the couch.  You are sick of the holiday and just want to be left alone.  Or you could possible just love all this craziness and be inspired by it!  Either way with the holiday approaching here are some tips for you!

     1)  Try to get ideas a head of time.  This also means giving ideas to family that are getting you gifts.  The earlier the better, I know it can be hard and most people say "Don't get me anything".  In this case you will have to be creative and think of things they may want/use or like. 

     2)  Enjoy the holiday season.  It only comes this time of year then we go back to just having our homes regularly decorated.

     3)  If you are shopping online, do it now.  The longer you wait the longer things take to come in!  Remember shipping and all, use the stores or online but be aware of shipping.

     4)  Enjoy the holiday fun and foods but remember to be mindful and if you are working out or have a healthy diet to keep that close.  I enjoy the holidays but keep in mind the sweets can creep up!

     5)  Probably the hardest especially if something is on your mind.  Enjoy the holidays.  Recently I have just had so much on my mind I feel we are almost half thought it.  I know its hard and with me even saying this try to not let issues or problems burn into your head.  Close your eyes and take a few breaths.  Whatever the issues are try to relax and figure ways to not let them ruin your holiday...

     I hope this helped!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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