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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Movie Review: Star Wars The Force Awakens



    Tonight Kayla and I got to see Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens!  It opens tomorrow but many showings started as early as tonight.  The movie was good and seeing all the old characters was awesome, the new ones did a great job as well introducing this next set of movies.  Han Solo and Chewy were funny as usual and seeing them Lela now a General was really cool again.  It was really funny hearing people cheer when they came on screen however there were other smaller roles that came on and I cheered, and was alone. haha.  Being a real fan I knew who they were and laughed.  There were a lot of funny small hints and scenes that made me really think about the 4th installment, the one that started it all.

     Well long story short its about 30 years in the future, the empire and rebellion are now different.  They really didn't get into the senate or how that worked but you do find out Lela and Han have a child and he is the apprentice to the dark lord.  Luke disappeared after training Jedi but Han's son turns and well bad things happen.  The main point is everyone is looking for Luke and they all need him for some reason.  With new powerful tools like a planet that makes the death start look like a rock and pretty much the same fighter crafts.  I did wonder where all the rebellion fleet went I felt there wasn't many ships but then again the first of the next three usually is just the intro.  All in all it reminded me of the 4th installment, A New Hope, I guess the action scenes, being on a desert in the beginning and the scenes with aliens just made me think back.  There was a big battle to blow up the new weapon and smaller light saber battles.

     I will add between the movies time goes by, a lot usually which makes you wonder where people go, what happened to them.  After 30 years from the 6th movie you wonder what all happened but they did a good job trying to explain it all.

     I will drop the spoiler and say so far yes we think Han gets killed.  I know I was in shock!  The crowd all gasp as it happens.  He tries to save his son and he is stuck by his son's light saber and falls off a bridge.  It was so sad and the cast all saw it, Chewy was just so upset.  The story went on and they ended up re-gathering and Fin is left injured as Rey leaves to look for Luke, does she find him?  Well I wont spoil the whole movie.  However in the end yes it was a good movie and I give props to JJ Abrams did a great job so I would say go see this one and the good news is two years till the next one!  2017 the 8th one comes out so thats not to bad!
     Below is the clip and I hope everyone has a great time and if they are a fan, go check it out!

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