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Sunday, December 6, 2015

A weekend to catch up.

     Everyone needs a weekend to relax, well we did and kinda ran around.   This weekend we spent time with some of Kayla's co-workers.  We went to dinner and just then back to one of their houses for some drinks and some games.  It was a fun Friday night.  The dinner was really fun and honestly with the long week it was relaxing and so nice not to think about work or the holidays to come.  The next day we did some sleeping in and then some things around town and then that night went to an friends place for some dinner and a movie.

     My buddy fixed Kayla's computer it was so nice of him to help us out it is working great now!  So after a movie we got home.  Today we just relaxed a bit again and then headed to a friends house for dinner.  One of my best friends Paul, I talk about Paul and Jim a lot and we have been friends since pretty much birth.  Well I met Paul we were like 3 Jim was not born yet lol.  All in all we are extremely close.  All in all the weekend was really nice and with the holidays getting closer its time to start getting ready for parties, decorating and just having some holiday fun!

   I forgot to mention this week that last weekend after Thanksgiving I got to see my buddy Jim who i just talked about up in the paragraph.  Well his brothers and his sister came in for the holiday and Meg his new bride too who we love!  We had a great night and just caught up talking and have a few drinks with food all over.  We won't see them now for several months so we loved the time just hanging out.  At Christmas we are going to see some of Kayla's friends so this year has been a good one we have seen all our friends between the weddings and visits!  

     I hope everyone had a great weekend as I did and as the season approaches be sure to just enjoy the month!  

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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